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Sony Alpha 900: It's here!

Sony dah lancar senjata baru mereka iaitu Alpha 900… ini adalah DSLR pertama sony yang menggunakan sensor full frame… Since Nikon guna sensor dari Sony, so kepada pengguna Nikon tu, nampak gayanya tak lama lagi D3x akan dilancar la tu… :)

Apa pun ini adalah sedikit features Alpha 900…

24.6 MP (paling besar setakat ini.. canon EOS 1Ds pun kalah…)
5 fps
SteadyShot INSIDE (full frame image sensor shift stabilization..peerrrgh..)
Dual Bionz processors
9 point AF with 10 assist points
3.0″ 921K pixel Photo Quality (270 dpi) LCD display, 100% coverage
ISO 200-3200 (ISO 100-6400 expanded range)

Harga lebih kurang USD$3000.00..

Sony memang terkenal dengan menghasilkan DSLR yang mempunyai features yang banyak pada harga yang rendah.. Seperti Alpha 900 ini, mempunyai features yang hampir dengan Canon EOS 1Ds Mark 3 (21.1Mp) tapi pada harga yang rendah (lebih kurang Nikon D700). OK la, AF point dia tak sebanyak 45 atau 51 tapi 9 AF + 10 assist dah kira ok dah rasanya… yang mengujakan ialah “steadyshoot inside”.. tak perlu lagi habis duit beli lens IS atau VR yang ribu-riban tu…

Sony Alpha 900

Pandangan Belakang

Full Specification:

  • 24,6 MP with Full Frame 35mm sensor
  • A-to-D conversion with 6000 amplifiers (to reduce pixel noise)
  • Dual BIOZ processors
  • In-body stabilization (1st in this category)
  • Viewfinder with 100% coverage and 0,74x magnification (best in class)
  • Replaceable focusing screen
  • 10-point new AF system (with central dual cross)
  • Continuous shooting at 5 fps
  • Intelligent preview allows to keep a RAW image for digital processing (white balance, dynamic range) without writing it to memory
  • EV bracketing with ±2EV range
  • 13 creative styles and 3 programmable modes
  • Image Data Converter SR3 software even allows to compensate for corner light fall off (vignetting)
  • HDMI output and Photo TV HD mode
  • Magnesium body, rubber seals
  • Rugged shutter (for 100,000 cycles)
  • 3″ LCD screen (921,000 pixels)
  • Secondary LCD screen on top
You never can hide anything from the keen eyes of the Internet photo lovers. The Sony Alpha 900 has been seen used with the Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8 lens.

Notice the small trapezoidal LCD screen on top of the camera body, the nice position of the driveexposure buttons on top of the grip, nearly under the finger.

Clip Video about Sony Alpha 900 :

Nota Kaki:

According to German photo magazine, Foto Magazin, the future Nikon D3x pro SLR camera will be fitted with the Sony image sensor that was presented a few months ago and that is expected to appear on the Sony Alpha 900 camera (high-end D-SLR from Sony). If this is confirmed, it would mean that the Nikon D3 will have a successor under the name of Nikon D3X (or D4) and that the Sony sensor is really of the utmost quality.

We knew that it was coming with 25 million pixels, but it could have been short on quality compared to the D3 (or D700) sensor because of its small (but many) pixels. For Nikon to accept to use this Sony sensor (and not a better one) at this level of products, they must be sure to have the best possible silicon piece: Pros want wonderful images, not only big figures (a big bunch of pixels).

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